Suturing Skills for Midwives 101: Introduction to Suturing Skills

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May 7, 2024

Tuesday, 6-7pm Eastern

June 4, 2024

Tuesday, 6-7pm Eastern

September 3, 2024

Tuesday, 6-7pm Eastern

October 1, 2024

Tuesday, 6-7pm Eastern

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For Students and Midwives at all phases of their careers.

The repair of birth lacerations is a core part of midwifery practice. These complex skills require developing the muscle memory for using the needle holder and tying secure surgical knots. Once these skills have been mastered, this lets the midwife focus on the tear itself. Nell will provide a demonstration and practice exercises for tasks like opening and closing the needle holder, and loading and reloading the needle, placing a stitch, and protecting the needle when tying knots.