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As winter approaches and the 2024 suturing workshop schedule is finalized and posted, it’s time for an important announcement

After teaching suturing continuously since 1996, I am planning a sabbatical for 2025. The last suturing workshops for 2024 are scheduled for October. My plan is to take a break from teaching and writing obligations and explore what the people and places of this great country have to offer.

In the meantime, I am working with an amazing team on revisions of the 7th Edition of the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Midwifery & Women’s Health. This will be my last edition of the text, and I am so very grateful for the amazing people who have joined this book as seasoned editors, new editors, and contributors. It takes a village to turn out a midwifery text that spans not only the life-span of those we care for, but also the cultures in which midwives and our clients make their homes.

I am still passionate about the work I do, and hope that it can be an inspiration to you all.

With love,

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The Heart of Midwifery

The midwife life is a growth experience

I've been offering continuing education programs for midwives since the early 1990's. I am passionate about midwifery and teaching and excellence in midwifery practice. I find joy in mentoring midwives as they grow into dynamic and resourceful practitioners.  

We all have dreams of midwifery.  Mine have changed from a community clinical practice to sharing knowledge and skills. Midwifery is about listening, about hearing, about guiding.  It's about being present as a witness, and working with each person as the expert in their own life. I love learning from each and every midwife and student I encounter.

Nell Tharpe