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Teaching Suturing and Perineal Repair

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Tools for educators and clinical preceptors to aid in teaching new learners and clinicians
2 CE Hours

This virtual workshop has 1 session. Taken as a stand-alone workshop or in conjunction with Knot-tying and Suturing & Repair of Birth Lacerations workshops, Teaching Suturing and Perineal Repair provides faculty, preceptors, and clinical mentors with teaching tools and strategies to aid learners as they develop and refine the complex behavioral skills needed to meet the clinical competencies of knot-tying, suturing, and repair of birth lacerations.  

ACNM specialty credit Program # 2021-154 provided through 1-18-2024

To ensure everyone gets individualized mentoring, the workshops are limited to 6 participants.

As part of this workshop participants will receive a suturing model, suturing instruments, and suture. *Registration closes two weeks before event begins to allow time for supplies to arrive.*
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There is one Reparations Ticket designated for Indigenous and Black midwives whose ancestors were enslaved or suffered genocide. Cost of this ticket is 10% of the program fee and includes all workshop materials.

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Program Outline – Please note start times may vary (10 am or 6 pm) depending on dates

10:00 Welcome and Introductions – 5 min
10:05 The current model of teaching suturing and perineal repair – 5 min
   Apprenticeship model
   General clinical competencies
   Learning environments
   Student/faculty/preceptor ratios
10:10 Using skill-specific clinical competencies to guide teaching and evaluation – 30 min
   Define learning criteria - examples
   Support faculty and preceptors 
   Set expectations for skill development
   Desired outcomes
10:40 Teaching complex behavioral skills – 40 min
   Systematic approach
   Use of models
   Guiding skill development
11:20 Brief overview of suturing and knot-tying competencies – 20 min
   Handling the needle holder
   Using tissue forceps (extension of pincer grip)
   One-handed tie Instrument tie
11:40 Teaching repair of birth-related tissue trauma – 20 min
12:00 Closing: Evaluations and CE certificates sent via e-mail